You might not be able to visit your favorite gallery in person,
But they are online! Check out all this great digital art!


205 North Evaline St, 15224

6:00 PM-11:00 PM

LIKELIKE online is back with a brand new virtual exhibition of tiny games about isolation, existential dread, human touch and lack thereof.
All the works in the showcase are made for PICO-8, a “fantasy console” created by Lexaloffle Games (Joseph White). Like the consoles of the ‘80s, PICO-8 imposes harsh technical limitations in terms of resolution, colors and cartridge memory. An entire community of virtuoso developers, demoscenesters, and retro-remakers thrives in this hyper constrained environment.
The Online Museum of Multiplayer Art will be open as well. Bring your friends for some safe, socially distanced, fun.
Works by: Sean S. LeBlanc and Ian Martin /// Benjamin Soulé /// Remy Devaux /// mcccclean /// Josh Millard /// Various Creators from the PICO-8 demo scene
Friday, May 1st 7PM-11PM
>>> <<<
Everything is playable from the browser.



Silver Eye Center for Photography

4808 Penn Avenue, 15224

6:00 PM-10:00 PM

Our new series, Studio Visits w/ Silver Eye features in depth conversations with artists from our community and beyond, accompanied by a slideshow of images, and a glossary of terms referenced in the discussion.




4824 Penn Ave, 15224

6:00 PM-10:00 PM

Plasticoral Specimens :: Asia Ward
Plasticoral Specimens imagines a time in the near future where coral reefs are replaced with plastic artificial reefs constructed by humans. The bubble glass and oval frames reference a photo style used in the 20th century which contained altered family photos, sometimes of a diorama-like photo of a deceased child posed sleeping. In this exhibit, the collection of plasticoral specimens are posed like artifacts from an older past. They are memorials to something that died, then artificially remade, passing into artifacts of decorative novelty. In the year 2050, the audience viewing these specimens are two generations into the future.



Level Up Studios

4836 Penn Ave, 15224

6:00 PM- 10:00 PM

Welcome to the Level Up Studios virtual art gallery. For the month of May we will be featuring the works of Pittsburgh Artists River Bennett and Jessi Marie.


7:00 PM- 10:00 PM

LevelUp Studios, VaultArt Studio, and Pittsburgh Fringe present...
Charlie Wallace's virtual exhibition: "B.E.T. PRESENTS: THE TRUE STORY OF CHARLIE WALLACE"

Tune in to on May 1 for "B.E.T. Presents: The True Story of Charlie Wallace." Walk the red carpet with his iconic celebrity paper dolls, and contact to schedule a remote portrait drawing commission from the legendary Charlie Wallace. Instagram: pghfringe Twitter: #pghfringe Facebook:

Artwork is priced individually and 100% of sales totals goes to the artist. Prices are listed in the virtual gallery on each piece of work, and in the catalog. Contact for purchase and portrait commission inquiries.


Arts & Crafts : Botanica & Occult Shop

4901 Penn Ave, 15224

5:00 PM- 12:00 AM

Arts & Crafts is short for "Dark Arts and Witch Crafts". We offer a variety of products and ingredients used in rituals, and general daily life, for those who follow traditional Witchcraft, Wicca, Santeria, Palo, and other paths such as various pagan, folk magic, and more, both light and not-so-light. Our goal is to provide a quality selection at a reasonable price. All are welcome!



Irma Freeman Center for Imagination

5006 Penn Avenue, 15224

7:00 PM- 10:00 PM

We are having a virtual tour of work by Roman Golla, curated by Robert Nowalk. Due to the pandemic Robert had to postpone his physical exhibition back in First Friday April. We are happy to present his collection by way of this virtual tour! Stop in anytime. Please comment that your were there!

You may register for free!



5022 Penn Ave, 15224


Pittsburgh Circus


    • From July-December WQED followed us around with a camera crew to create a documentary on the Pittsburgh Circus Culture and while we had a show in March where we planned to debut it - we had to, instead, have it simply debuted online. It's super amazing. We had a blast working with WQED! We are incredibly proud of this experience. (Rick Sebak even makes an appearance!!)


jason Sauer  TikTok/InstaGram @mostwantedfineart

Please subscribe and follow the links, to view daily video documentaries, of #AmericasBestKnownArtist #JasonSauer

The series follows Army Veteran Jason Sauer across America visiting other artists, and focuses on the creation of his large enamel paintings plus his exciting and dangerous, spray painted demolition derby cars! #JasonSauerArtBook ,#MWFA lightweight hoodies and #MWSlaps are for sale via DM


VaultArt Studio

5100 Penn Avenue, 15212

12:00 PM- 9:00 PM

It's an artificial substitute for the real thing, but it's good for your health.
"Sweet and Low" is an online duo-exhibition of 2D illustrations and paintings from Wendy Davis and Sarah Harris. While both artists utilize similar production strategies, they have achieved radically different bodies of work. Still, a commonality of hue, mark, and form emerges when fashion illustration and abstract expressionism are paired together. "Sweet and Low" also features a selection of vibrant works from all artists working at VaultArt Studio.
VaultArt Studio is a project of Achieva, which advocates for, empowers, and supports people with disabilities and their families throughout their lives.



Bunker Projects

5106 Penn, 15223

8:00 AM-8:00 AM

Excited to offer four limited edition screen prints produced in collaboration with Bunker Projects resident artists - Lisa Jakab, Asia Lae Bey, Mark Zubrovich, Veda Sun - and Pullproof studio. Works are editions of 25 printed on archival rag paper, 18' x 24"
Sales support Bunker & Artists for $150 or $225 framed.




5135 Penn Ave, 15224

7:00 PM- 11:00 PM

Workshop Diy school will be offering diy activities and refreshments for curbside pick up. You. An grab a diy kit online at pick it up between 12-7pm Friday and follow along as we do diy demos on our Instagram and cocktail making demos. Just add your own alcohol with our mixers. Super fun night if digital fun for those folks missing First Friday.



Pittsburgh Glass Center

5472 Penn Avenue, 15206

6:00 PM- 9:00 PM

EVERY ROBOT NEEDS A HUMAN IN SILICA VALLEY - Our facility is closed due to the COVID-19 health crisis, so we're bringing our latest exhibition, Silica Valley, to you at home! You'll find virtual tours, interviews, and educational activities that will help you get the best of this exhibition exploring the impact of current technologies on one of art's oldest mediums.


KST's Alloy Studios

5530 Penn Ave 15206




Pittsburgh Virtual Fringe

7:00 PM- 8:00 PM

Story Time with Joey Rinaldi by ​Joey Rinaldi

Joey Rinaldi's one-man show offers audiences a glimpse into his endearingly cringey adolescence. From being high during his driving test to tearing his taint each story captures the difficulty of growing up and that for some, it's worse than others.


Donations Appreciated.



5:00 PM-11:55 PM

Join us online with our all new Virtual Fringe with over 20 events in two days. Theatre, music, multimedia, musicals, comedy and visual arts. Local artists, national artists and even a performance from Mexico and some visual art from Iceland. Instagram: pghfringe Twitter: pghfringe Facebook:

Various costs for each show, but many are free.

Donations appreciated for free shows.



7:00 PM-11:55 PM

Pittsburgh Virtual Fringe - Visual Art Edition is a group show. We invite you to walk around our 3D gallery . Our visual art group show is an open access show, and we have a variety of local artists, national artists, and even international artists who responded to our call for artists. Hope to Instagram: @pghfringe Twitter: #pghfringe Facebook:

Free - Individual pieces priced for sale.

We always accept donations for keep our festival going!



7:00 PM-10:00 PM

Rain Nap Exhibition

In a world overcome with a plague, a sense of peace, belonging, collaboration, spirituality and intense self discipline, one foot in front of the other may help us each find meaning.


Art Works Priced by piece



7:00 PM-8:00 PM

Egregiously Exaggerated and Enormously Erroneous Tales
by ​Storyteller Alan Irvine

Alan Irvine's award-winning lies and tall tales first told at the Three Rivers Storytelling Festival Liars Contest, with some traditional lies thrown in as well. Guaranteed 100% Fake News. No actual facts were harmed or even consulted for these tales.

About the Performer:
​Alan Irvine began telling stories over 35 years ago as a camp counselor, telling ghost stories in the cabin after lights out. He has gone on to perform at festivals and libraries, schools, colleges, and, of course, Fringe festivals and liars contest.


Donations Appreciated



8:30 PM- 9:20 PM

Folkdances of a Nucleic Village
by ​DANA Movement Ensemble

"Folkdances of a nucleic village" is a collaborative effort of the DANA Movement Ensemble creative team led by Founder/artistic director Nick M.Daniels. This multi-media/multi-disciplinary dance theater performance art piece takes us on a journey into a post nucleic city and confronts the socio-political-economic climate of that time. By combining site-specific imagery, live streaming video, dance, and theater this emotionally charged work truly confronts relevant and current events and issues and lends itself for discussion of these issues.


Donations Appreciated



9:30 PM- 10:30 PM

Selections From "Local Singles"
by Nick Navari​

Playwright and composer Nick Navari plays through his original chamber musical "Local Singles" in a solo re-telling- live at the piano.

About the Performer:
​Nick Navari is a Pittsburgh based musician, playwright, (and investment research analyst) who is thrilled to invite you into his living room for the debut of his first musical.


Donations Appreciated.



11:30 PM- 11:45 PM

The Electric Meditation
by The Electric Meditation (Steven Goossen)
From Detroit, Michigan
Genre: Multimedia - Pittsburgh premiere!

This is an abstract story in its early stages of telling. It uses video, music and photography, as well as performance. Please check it out for yourself!


Donations Appreciated




White Jasmine Lab

4805 Penn Ave, 15224


Not Open to the Public, but Online

Online Store, gift cards available online

Modern floral preservation service, casting keepsake flowers in clear epoxy resin to create one-of-a-kind heirloom art pieces. Our preservation process allows you to enjoy your flowers forever, whether they are from a wedding, funeral, or other occasion. Gift cards available!



Los Sabrosos Dance Co.

4909 Penn Ave., 15224


Not Open to the Public, but Online

gift cards available online

Helping individuals find freedom, passion, self-expression, and self-confidence through dancing & fitness.
Buy a gift card that:
~ Encourages connection with your own body.
~ Promotes wellness & movement.
~ Builds community & strengthens social networks.
The experience of dancing (in our studio and/or our online classes) does all that & more!
Treat your loved ones with our awesome private and group lessons! For adults & kids.
Don’t forget to treat yourself too!

Instagram: @LSDanceCo
Twitter: @LSDances
Facebook: @LosSabrososDanceCo


Pizza Fiesta

4911 Penn ave, 15224



11AM-12am Mon-Sunday

Online Store

Pizza Restaurant


Everyday's A Sunday

4919 Penn Ave-15224

Curbside pick up WED-SUN 9AM-3PM

And delivery with



Bantha Tea Bar

5002 Penn Avenue, 15224


Not Open to the Public, but Online

 Online Store

Tea Cafe offering drinks for all to enjoy




The Clay Penn

5111 Penn Ave, 15224

Watch new art being made!

People can check out website to learn about artist Luara Jean McLaughlin and thy can also check Etsy page for buying work or contact her directly at her cell phone or email.


412 951-6133-




The Mr. Roboto Project

5106 Penn Ave., 15224

Not Open 

The Mr. Roboto Project is a cooperatively-run show space and art gallery located in Pittsburgh, PA. Our aim is to create a comfortable and open safe space for people to experience a true DIY (do-it-yourself) community.



Artica retro and antiques studio

5110 Penn Avenue, 15224


Not Open to the Public, but Online

Online Store, other

Start checking Artica on FACEBOOK for items that will be offered for sale starting on April 3, 2020. due to circumstances beyond our control, we will be closed during the Global Pandemic — COVID 19 —until further notice. Also sales by appointment 412-596-6521

Modnartpgh on Instagram



Black Cherry Design

5124 Penn Avenue, 2nd Floor, 15224

6:00 PM- 10:00 PM

Our new studio opening party may be postponed, but artwork from local artist, Heather Heitzenrater will still be available and is now live on our website, Her work has been shown in Erie Art Museum, Boxheart Gallery, Baton Rouge Gallery and other galleries across the country. We (Black Cherry Design) are offering free local, contactless delivery.…/www.fa…/blackcherrydesignpgh

wage. Workshop is an inclusive space and it supports diversity, LGBT and a diverse staff and customers. Learn to make stuff and be inspired.

@workshoppgh Instagram and Facebook


People's Indian Restaurant

5147 Penn Ave.-15224

Peoples will be OPEN 11:30am to 2:30pm and 5pm to 10pm Take out and delivery only. 15% off any take out order placed directly at the restaurant. call 412-661-3160…/…


Yoga Hive

5491 Penn Avenue, 15206

Not Open to the Public, but Online

We offer daily online classes!

Online Store, gift cards available online, other

Above is the link to live virtual classes people can register for - a link will be sent with the zoom class information
Vimeo Library of Yoga Classes :



Pistella Beer

5514 Penn Avenue, 15206



Monday thru Saturday 10a to 8p and Sunday 11a to 5p

Beverage Retailer