Unblurred - November 4, 2016

4824 Penn Ave.
6 - 9pm
Featuring the artwork of J R Holtz in the gallery space. There will also be snacks and complimentary beverages. www.assemblepgh.org

Unblurred - September 2, 2016

4824 Penn Ave.
Family Room: An Exhibit by Naomi Chambers, BirthdayGirl, Sugarfoot, and GG
This exhibit creates a bright colorful space for families and children to feel happy in. A place with perceived activity and curious chaotic harmony that calls for the feeling of unity. Family rooms are an awesome place where love is shown, common sense and life lessons are taught, communal rest and leisure is sought. Please enjoy.

Unblurred - August 5, 2016

Songbird Artistry
4316 Penn Ave.
8 - 11pm
Help us toast our new shop with a glass of sangria and live music by Jamie Hall.
Have fun crafting with us, we'll have polymer clay out . We can show you how to make jewelry, animals, and flowers, or anything you can imagine. While there you can browse our shop filled with jewelry, baby items, ties, art, terrariums, stained glass mosaics, and yarn - all made locally! SongbirdArtistry.com
Facebook - Songbird Artistry

Unblurred - July 1, 2016

Level Up Studios*
4836 Penn Ave.
7 - 11pm
Blackstar vs Black Thought art event.. Music, drinks, live art. FREE. Facebook.com/levelupdancestudio

4901 Penn Ave.
6 - 9pm
Curated by Sean Beauford, Ambition is an exhibition featuring artworks that speak to the hopes, talents, and ambitions of 13 students from the Watson Institute: Friendship Academy. www.local412pgh.com

Unblurred - June 3, 2016

4901 Penn Ave.
6 - 10pm
Ladies' Room
Works from amazing female artists! Outdoor performance by LAZYBLACKMAN. www.local412pgh.com

4907 Penn Ave.
9pm - 1am
Johnivory presents: <open_audio>
Witness the live remix of Mixtape as Johnivory installs and creates art, Live!

Plus live Soundscapes by:
Johnny Jitters
Sound as Fuk

Unblurred - June 2, 2017

4828 Penn Ave.
6:00 - 10:00pm
Push Play: DIY Youth Media Storytelling Presented by the Community Mixtape Project The Community Mixtape Project harnesses the power of media and technology-based arts education to amplify the individual and collective stories of Pittsburgh-area youth. Through our workshops, youth learn digital music-making, creative writing, podcasting, and zine-making skills and use these skills to create shareable media that reflects their own experiences, interests, and creativity.

Unblurred - April 1, 2016

4901 Penn Ave.
6 - 10pm
Anti-Social Media
Works from various artists that highlight the negative aspects of social media and how it can take away from/hinder the human social experience. www.local412pgh.com

Unblurred - March 4, 2016

4901 Penn Ave.
6 - 10pm
Super Generic Art Show
Come see the works of over 20 awesome artists! In no way is any of the work "generic," we just didn't a specific them for this exhibit. www.local412pgh.com

Unblurred - February 5, 2016

4901 Penn Ave.
Featuring the art of Billy Pilgrim and Danielle Robinson. Billy and Danielle have done previous shows together at The New Bohemian and Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery. "Black" is the third installment of this artistic partnership. "Black" will reveal both artist's interpretation of blackness. Both of their unique styles will be displayed to create this incredible collection. Join them in their distinctive collaboration for the third time!