Surfacing: An Exploration of the Substructure


The Irma Freeman Center for Imagination
5006 Penn Ave
15224 Pittsburgh, PA
United States
40° 27' 54.0756" N, 79° 56' 37.4928" W

Surfacing is a group exhibition of local artists, working in a variety of materials and dimensions, exploring the idea of the emergence of that which exists just under any surface. It's about the organic and the unrefined that sits underneath the polished skin covering, and the juxtaposition of the inner versus the outer when the former emerges.

The artists participating in this show are Alberto Almarza, who will be presenting a new body of work, Nina Barbuto who will be creating an installation for the show, Ashley Andrykovitch, and Samantha McDonough, who is also the guest curator for the show. The opening show will feature a performance by the local band The Van Allen Belt and a solo performance by chester vincent.

Nina Marie Barbuto works in a variety of media including architecture, film, sound, and installation and often explores the idea of recycling noise into a system or elevating the vernacular to the spectacular. Nina's passion for art, new media and social learning led her to found Assemble, a community space for arts + technology, in 2011. Nina holds degrees in architecture from Southern California Institute of Architecture and Carnegie Mellon University, where she is also adjunct faculty.

Ashley Andrykovitch is a mover and a shaker as well as a thinker and a doer. She is most recently known for the multi-disciplinary mega-art partnership THE APP EXPO, for which she collaborates with fellow artist Ashley Andrews. This exhibition features a selection of Andrykovitch's recent solo work. She has ideas and sometimes she shares them with paint. Sometimes times she uses other stuff. This time she used paint, though.

Alberto J. Almarza is a Chilean artist and teacher based in Pittsburgh, PA. Although Almarza has formal training in design, drawing, painting, and photography, his focus for the past several years incorporates experimental and invented media, mixed-media assemblage and installation. For Almarza, each artwork involves a unique message that requires its own particular custom-made medium. As a former theatric performer and musician, Almarza also looks to integrate many senses into the philosophy of art-making, giving special attention to the process over the product. Almarza treats art as an essential form of inner science, as important as science or spirituality themselves. He meticulously blurs the boundaries between consensus and potential reality, creating a bridge between the realm of matter and that of inner vision. Alberto has shown his work in galleries nationally and abroad and sold a number of commissioned artworks. He is an instructor of geometry-related art at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, occasional art camp teacher at Waldorf and the IF Center, and teaches visual art at CAPA School for the Creative and Performing Arts.

Samantha McDonough is an artist, art teacher, musician and member of the community development world in Pittsburgh. She holds a degree in Sculpture and Art History from Bucknell University. She conceptualized and executed the Art Out of the Box project in 2011 (captured in the Pittsburgh is Art program shown regularly on WQED) with the help of five local artists, attempting to bring the studio into the public realm. She is interested in the cross sections of life and and society, the places where seemingly different forces meet together and how as people, we interact with those forces.